Crowdhill Green Update

Eastleigh Borough Council have issued this update on Crowdhill:


Bloor Homes, as developers, are responsible for the landscaping and maintenance being kept to an agreed standard on the Crowdhill estate before it can be formally adopted by the Eastleigh Borough Council.

Bloor Homes are continuing to undertake works on the Crowdhill estate during the Autumn half term. This includes:

Paths – repairing damage and removal of weeds

Grassed areas – regrading around raised manhole, repair/replacing damaged benches (new benches are currently on a six week lead time and will be installed once they are delivered).

Shrub beds – weeding and topping up of bark mulch, reduce size of Willow in shrub bed adjacent to Brendon Gardens

Fencing – add mid supports where required and repair/replace missing fencing around drainage areas

Drainage areas – cut back overgrown vegetation around grills/headwalls

Dead or dying trees within the site will be replaced by Bloor Homes by the end of December

In addition, the missing fence opposite the pre-school will be installed by Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council in due course.

Once the Council is satisfied Bloor Homes have carried out the outstanding works, the land will be put on a 12 months maintenance contract that will allow Eastleigh Borough Council and Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council to bring forward a plan to install the play area.

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