Booking Tennis Courts




The new gate access at the Lapstone Pavilion tennis courts now has a key pad on the door. Our new booking system will generate a code when you book a court or purchase an annual pass. Your code will give you access to the courts 5 minutes before your booking start time, during your play and 5 minutes after your booking finish time. (The key pad takes a few seconds to acknowledge your code once it has been punched in).


To purchase an annual family pass for a £43.00 one-off payment, please click the link below. You will receive a code that you will use each time you play. However, you will still be required to book a court each time you play. This will have a zero cost.

Click here for an Annual Pass


To ‘pay as you go’ play is £10.00 per court per play. You will also receive a code for the key pad which will only work for that one session.

Click here to Book a Court


If you have any queries, please email

Tennis Courts - Lapstone Playing Fields

The Lapstone Playing Fields Tennis Courts are located off Pavilion Close, Fair Oak. The two-court site is managed and maintained by Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council and the below terms and conditions refer to this site.

At Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council we are committed to the safety and well-being of our residents that make use of our facilities. If you have any comments or concerns about the tennis courts or any other aspect of our service, please let us know at Please note that when playing tennis, you do so at your own risk.


Click here for our Terms and Conditions



  1. Private coaching will not be permitted unless written permission is given by Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council.


  1. Courts cannot be reserved for club tournament games unless permission has been granted by Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council.
  2. A Parish Council Officer may stop play whenever it is considered necessary to protect the surface of the courts or for safety reasons if the courts are deemed to be unplayable.
  3. A court cancellation should be made with more than 24 hours’ notice prior to the court booking time commencing where possible.
  4. In adverse weather conditions, Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council may close the courts due to safety reasons. Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council will make the final decision if the courts are deemed unplayable.
  5. Player’s footwear must have soft-soled non-marking shoes with rubber or cord soles and without raised heels.  Black soles are not permitted on the courts.
  6. Animals and bicycles are not allowed inside the tennis court enclosures.
  7. Any dispute relating to the booking or use of the tennis courts must be referred to Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council
  8. A no-smoking rule will be adopted on the courts.
  9. Litter bins must be used for the disposal of waste.
  10. Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council accepts no responsibility or liability for any personal injury or loss of property whilst using the tennis courts.