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Parish Council Meetings:
Agendas and Minutes, 2021

Full Council

18 January 2021  click to view Agenda | click to view Minutes 

22 February 2021 click to view Agenda  |  Report B    |   click to view Minutes

15 March 2021     Click to view Report B |  click to view Agenda  |  HR Report   |  HR Appendices1-3

click to view Minutes    |   Appendix 1 Corporate Plan

19 April 2021  click to view Agenda  | Report B Finance Report 4 documents  click (1)   (2)   (3)   (4) click to view Fixed Asset Register (amended) click to view Minutes  |  

4 May 2021 Annual Council meeting  click to view Agenda    |    click to view Minutes  

21 June 2021 click to view Agenda Report G    |    Minutes 

6 July 2021  Click to view Agenda  |  Report B  |  drawings | Minutes

19 July 2021 Click to view Agenda  |  Report F Constitution   |   Minutes (draft)

20 September 2021 Click to view Agenda 

Asset Committee

12 January 2021 Click to view AgendaAppendix 1  Minutes

Community Events Committee
Finance Committee
Planning Committee

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee for planning applications received in its two villages.  The Planning Committee no longer meet on a regular basis as Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC), the Planning Authority, has strict deadlines to meet.  Therefore,  planning applications received are collated and a list sent to all 15 Parish Councillors, via email, one week prior to a response to EBC.  All Councillors’ comments are consider prior to the Chairman of Planning, Cllr Des Scott making a final delegated decision on behalf of the Parish Council.

Any major or contentious planning applications are added to the monthly Full Council meeting for discussion.

We welcome comments from members of the public.  If you wish to raise any objections/concerns, please email these to deputyclerk@fairoak-pc.gov.uk by the deadline indicated on the published list below.

List pending

All  previous delegated decisions can be viewed by clicking here