Grass, Hedges & Shrub Maintenance

Our Operations Team is responsible for ensuring that our grass, hedges and shrubs are cut and trimmed.


Report A Problem

If you wish to make a general enquiry or report a problem with grass, hedges or shrubs on our land, please email
For issues relating to safety, verge damage or trees on the verge contact Hampshire County Council.
For concerns regarding non-parished land, please go to


Grass Cutting

We cut the grass on parish-owned land. We do not cut grass on Eastleigh Borough Council’s land, Highways or private property or land owned by other organisations.
We relax grass cutting when we can. We need to balance maintaining grass areas with the needs of our local environment, wildlife, and residents and visitors.


The frequency of the cut depends on the type of land use.

  • Sports pitches are cut weekly during the summer and when ground conditions allow during the winter months.
  • Cemetery is cut regularly, typically every 2 weeks during the summer, depending on weather conditions and interments.
  • Public open spaces are generally cut every 2 - 3 weeks between mid-March and early November.

There may be changes to the planned cutting programme due to:

  • weather
  • ground or soil conditions
  • where we are introducing wildflower meadows to help biodiversity and wildlife.

The grass is not collected after it is cut, apart from specific areas like the Cemetery. It is left to break down back into the soil.

We will clear significant amounts of grass from the footpath after cutting to keep the area tidy.


Hedge Maintenance

We cut over 1500 metres of hedge every year in:

  • council car parks
  • open spaces
  • along some highways.

The hedges are cut once a year between January & March. We always try to litter-pick the area around the hedge before and after cutting to keep it tidy.

We avoid hedge cutting during the main breeding season for nesting birds, which usually runs throughout March to August each year, unless there is a safety risk.

The Council and residents, must adhere to laws protecting nesting birds (such as the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981).

Hedges on private property should be cut and maintained by the owner or occupier of the property.

We have published a parish-wide map which shows the land managed by the Council.


Shrub Bed Maintenance

Shrub beds in car parks, outside our buildings/community centres and village planters are cared for by our Operations team. They are visited throughout the year, with the main maintenance works undertaken over the winter.


Hanging Baskets

The Parish Council plants and positions 60 hanging baskets in May along Botley Road and Winchester Road. These are cared for by the Operations Team and watered daily from May to the end of September.


Cemetery Maintenance

Our Operations Team carry out a range of work in our lawned cemetery, to keep it as a place of peace and tranquillity. To find out more about the cemetery’s rules and regulations please go to the dedicated cemetery page on our website.


Allotment Maintenance

The allotment borders are cut regularly throughout the year to assist plot holders in maintaining a pleasant site.


Verge Maintenance

Eastleigh Borough Council has undertaken this under contract with Hampshire County Council. The borough council have their own cutting schedule.