Council Agrees Bee and Tree Corridor Scheme

With a few caveats, the Bee and Tree Corridor Project was agreed by members of the Parish Council at it’s meeting of the Full Council on 18 October. The scheme is paid for with money received from Section 106 Developer contributions which has been specifically earmarked for parish improvements with an environmental theme . Recent studies have highlighted the widespread losses in the number of pollinating insects across the U.K. since the 1980s, with key threats to pollinators including climate change, habitat loss through development, pesticides and the spread of invasive species.  The continued loss of wild habitats has a huge impact on the decline in pollinators a many butterflies, bees, dragonflies and moths who rely on these flowers to live. The loss of wildlife habitats in the area has fragmented the natural habits of insects and animals. The corridor project seeks to join these ‘islands’ using existing pockets of open space to allow bees, insects and wildlife to move freely once again, making them more resilient to future environmental changes. The linking of the networks through green infrastructure also creates both economic, social and health benefits for the wider community to enjoy.  Please find below arboricultural drawings for the Community Library, Summerlands Road, Brookfield Road & Meadowsweet Way Tree Garden.

Medicinal Garden Summerlands Road Brookfield Road Flowergarden

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