Our Corporate Plan 2023-2026

In April 2023 the Council approved our new Corporate Plan for 2023-2026 simply entitled ‘Community and Climate First’. The Consultation was developed via a community wide survey carried out in December – March 2023.  

There are 3 objectives in the plan: 

People – fair treatment for all, helping those in need, and creating community-led initiatives and opportunities that promote community spirit and kindness, making our area a great place to live, work and enjoy. 


Planet – make all areas directly under the control of the Council Carbon Neutral by 2035 and help make Fair Oak & Horton Heath a net zero parish council by 2050. 


Place – ensure the areas under our responsibility remain well kept, tidy, enjoyable, and accessible, as well as working with key strategic partners to ensure that where development takes place, it is sustainable, that our streets are clean and safe and there are greater opportunities to grow, learn and thrive. 

Click here to download the Corporate Plan 

In adopting the new plan, the Council also agreed the following vision and mission statement: -  

Corporate Vision 

“Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council will thoughtfully grow as an inclusive and innovative community council that promotes community involvement, takes pride in our local place, and promotes respect for the environment.” 

Mission Statement 

“As a community council, we will deliver professional public service to all our residents, treating all with kindness and respect and promoting community spirit through community-led initiatives, improved communications, and transparent decision making, without the politics.” 

Our Values of respect, honesty, teamwork and kindness are also at the heart of all that we do.  

An Action Plan to support the delivery of our priorities is currently in development.   

If you would like to comment on any of the actions set out in the plan please submit these using the form below.