Details of Your Parish Council Team

The Parish Clerk leads the Council Team, this organisational chart shows the full hierarchy of office and operations staff.

Image of Clerk Mel Stephens
Melanie Stephens

Parish Clerk

Michelle Leadbitter-Allen cropped resized
Michelle Leadbitter-Allen

Deputy Clerk

Photo of Finance Officer, Joanna Cahill
Jo Cahill

Finance Officer

Martin Ames cropped resized
Martin Ames

Grounds Operative

Terry Grainger cropped resized
Terry Grainger

Grounds Operative

Neil Cook square
Neil Cook

Grounds Operative

Alan Diver cropped resized
Alan Diver


Martin Johnson
Martin Johnson

Operations Manager

Photo of Linda Greenslade
Linda Greenslade

Admin Officer

Carly Giles cropped resized
Carly Giles

Communications and Events Officer

Kirsty Evans cropped resized
Kirsty Evans

Grounds Operative

Colin Hardwicke cropped resized
Colin Harwicke

Grounds Operative

Tom Sharp - Caretaker - resized for web
Tom Sharp


Bethany Sharp resized for web
Bethany Sharp