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Fair Oak Cemetery - General

Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council act as the burial authority for the Fair Oak Cemetery. The Council prides itself in managing and maintaining an essential amenity.

The Council is often complimented for the peaceful and tranquil place of rest it provides. We seek to maintain a professional and sensitive service for the community.

The Cemetery is a place of rest for both grave and cremation interments and has been an amenity provided by the Council since 1945.

The Council also maintains the Churchyard and Pember Cemetery at St Thomas Church. The Churchyard is closed to interments.

The Council has added a new search facility which allows you to easily search digitised burial records by searching by name, giving you the plot number and the ability to locate their grave or memorial on a digital map.  To access this please use the quick link provided on the right-hand side of the screen called 'cemetery search'.