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The Council provides a Sports Pavilion and playing fields at Lapstone Park Playing Fields, Pavilion Close, Fair Oak. The Pavilion houses changing facilities, disabled changing room, referee changing room and a club room. A car park for 65 cars is available when fixtures are booked through the Council.

Lapstone Playing Fields consists of two adult and one junior football pitch from September through to April. A cricket square and outfield are available from May through to August.

Two tennis courts are also available for public use, free of charge.

The following clubs currently make use of the playing fields:

  • Wyvern Youth Football Club
  • Southampton Womens Football Club
We are pleased to announce the latest developments in the creation of Lapstone Playing Fields as a second cricket-wicket facility, a project that aims to meet the growing demand for cricket and enhance biodiversity in the local area.
On June 28, 2023, planning permission was officially approved for the development of Lapstone Playing Fields as a second cricket-wicket facility. This project includes the creation of two cricket pitches, the erection of a single-storey cricket scorebox and storage cabin, along with associated landscaping and footpath upgrades. The purpose of this ambitious project is to cater to the increasing demand for cricket within the local community and surrounding areas. Currently, there is a significant displaced demand for cricket facilities, which this project seeks to address.
Phase 1 of the project has been successfully completed, involving the construction of two new natural turf cricket squares and associated irrigation. Additionally, non-turf pitches and a 2-lane artificial net system have been put in place to provide a well-rounded cricketing experience for players of all levels. This accomplishment marks a significant step forward in the project's overall development.
Looking ahead, Phase 2 of the project will focus on playing field levelling and drainage works, footpath upgrades and landscaping culvert and engineering works, scheduled to commence in the spring. These works are vital to ensuring the project's success and its ability to meet the community’s needs for cricket facilities.
As part of the planning permission for this project, the project team is committed to mitigating the loss of several Goat Willow trees on the site. An ecological enhancements mitigation program has been developed, aiming not only to address the loss of these trees, which have been deemed to have low ecological value by arboriculturists, but also to enhance the overall biodiversity of the site by over 10%. The program will include the planting of various trees, shrubs, and wildflowers, as well as various habitat creation. The implementation of this program will be led by the Council's Community Development Officer in collaboration with the local community.
This project is not only an exciting development for increasing sporting provision in the Parish and the wider borough but also for enhancing biodiversity on the site. It reflects our commitment to both the local cricket community and the enhancement of our natural environment.
Additional information such as the project timeline and community involvement opportunities will be shared in due course.

To enquire about booking a playing field or tennis court, please click here to contact Bookings.