Our Mission Statement

We believe that the role of Fair Oak Parish Council is to represent and uphold the local community’s interests, aspirations, and objectives.

To achieve this, sustainability in every area of our business is key.  Our actions should provide a foundation which gives every resident the best possible opportunity to get the most out of our community and the Council’s assets.

It is our responsibility to ensure that the residents of Fair Oak and Horton Heath benefit from an environment which is inclusive, diverse, prosperous, and supportive.


  • Wherever possible, to ensure that the areas and assets of the parish for which we are responsible are clean, safe, and well-maintained so that people actively want to live, work and visit here.
  • To ensure that the services and assets for which we are responsible are accessible to all.
  • To be relevant and modern, whilst respecting local heritage.
  • To provide accurate, current, and reliable information regarding the community, and to signpost residents to resources provided by other governmental bodies and community groups.
  • To encourage and promote social and community values to the benefit of all.
  • To use a blended approach to ensure that our communications are inclusive of all demographics.
  • To encourage and promote social and community values by working with and supporting local organisations, groups, and agencies to provide additional services and facilities to residents.
  • To continuously strive to improve and enhance our assets, facilities, services, and green spaces for the enjoyment of all.