Our Mission Statement

“As a community council, we will deliver professional services to all our residents, treating all with kindness and respect and promoting community spirit through community-led initiatives, improved communications, and transparent decision making, without the politics.”

Our top priority is working with our community, and our key partners, to deliver services right the first time. By using our council resources wisely, we will ensure that our areas of responsibility are delivered well, ensuring that the community has a nicer, happier, and kinder place to live, work and enjoy.

Building our resilience as a community over the next three years is important to us if we want to champion inclusivity, and climate action, and support residents in challenging times.

Doing what we can locally with what we have is essential. As your community council, we set out here what you can expect from us and how you can help us deliver the best quality service.

Our focus, in partnership with our residents for the next three years is shown below.