Public safety image - what to do to help others during COVID-19

Following the Council’s announcement on 17 March, the Council would like residents to be made aware of the following: -


  1. All meetings and events scheduled for the foreseeable future are postponed until further notice. This includes Full Council meetings and sadly the VE celebration scheduled for June.
  2. All play areas in the Parish have been closed (24 March) until further notice.
  3. At its meeting on 16 March the Council gave delegated authority to the Clerk to make decisions on behalf of the Council (in consultation with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman).
  4. All decisions made under this delegation will be recorded in writing and published on the Council’s website. This delegated authority ceases upon the first meeting of the Council.
  5. For those residents who have set up community response groups, please follow advice on the following website It would also be helpful if the administrator of each group contact One Community to register the group and seek further advice regarding safeguarding and GDPR regulations. One Community can be found at
  6. For our most vulnerable residents who need assistance, please either contact One Community (above), St Toms Church (telephone 02380 695786) or the Parish Council on 02380 692403 and we will try to assist you in getting the help you need. A more structured coordinated response will be set up in the days and weeks ahead. Please keep checking this website or our facebook page for updates.
  7. Please follow the government’s advice on social distancing and hand washing and look out for your neighbours.
  8. National advice and daily updates can be found at
  9. Please can we kindly request that our suppliers email invoices through to
  10. Finally, to all our residents – stay safe and healthy


Click here for a printable version of this guidance

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - General FAQs

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation progresses, many of us have questions and concerns about how this will impact our everyday lives.

Through the information pages on our website and updates on Facebook, we’ll do our best to answer your questions, and keep these pages updated with useful information.

How can I help others?

Get to know your neighbours and offer help where needed. Eastleigh Borough Council has coordinated a community response hub working with local charities, HCC, Towns and Parish Councils and One Community. The leading support group covering Bishopstoke, Fair Oak and Horton Heath is Eastleigh Community Aid. They have an online volunteer sign up form which can be found here.  Their telephone number is 02380 111 2019. However, residents are encouraged to use the online reporting forms.

Is the Parish Council still operating?

Yes, we are.  While the Parish Office is closed to the public, Council staff are still working but from home where possible, in line with government guidelines. Should you wish to contact us, residents, where they are able, are encouraged to email their enquiry to

Are the Community Centres, Allotments and Play Areas open?

In line with Government guidance all our Community Centres, Parish Office, Cricket Pavilion and Play Areas and the skatepark have been closed. This also includes the tennis courts at Lapstone Playing fields and the outside gym at New Century Park.

Our parks and open spaces do currently remain open to the public to use during their one exercise a day. Residents are encouraged to following Government guidance and maintain that 2-meter distance and to wash their hands.  This is particularly vital when accessing one of the three community libraries around the Parish.

The Parish Council has locked the gates to the open space car parks in line with Government guidelines, you should not be driving to parks, only walking as part of your one exercise per day.

Allotments will remain open, however, please ensure that social distancing measures are followed (remaining at least 2 metres apart from others). We will keep allotments under review. The toilets at Knowle Park allotments have been closed.  

Are the parks and green spaces still open?

In line with the Government’s advice, our parks and green spaces are still open.

However, please be aware that our Groundstaff whilst working are not always at sites daily. If you see our staff carrying out essential maintenance, please respect their (and your) safety and stay at a distance – though I’m sure they would appreciate a friendly wave.

If you see something that might be a problem – let us know by calling 02380 692403.  That way, we can look at it; and we can complete any emergency works that have to happen.

Please look after yourselves and others by following the latest advice:

  • Stay at home – no unnecessary journeys or social contact
  • You can visit to carry out one form of exercise per day
  • Please go alone or only with members of your household
  • When you’re out, keep at least2m (6.5ft) apart from anyone not from your household
I have elderly relatives in Fair Oak/Horton Heath who may need help/support, but I’m too far away/in self-isolation, what help is available?

As mentioned above, please contact Eastleigh Community Aid either by phone (02380 111 2019) or via their online help form using the contact details given at the top of this page.

Where can I find a list of which local shops are still open or offering deliveries?

We have compiled a directory with details of businesses that are (legally allowed) still open, delivering food and drink locally, those offering takeaways for collection and delivery as well as which local retailers are operating online. 

Click here to view the directory

Please let us know if you are a business and would like us to include you in the listing by emailing

I’m unable to leave home/self-isolating, how can I get food/prescriptions?

We are encouraging all Fair Oak & Horton Heath residents to get to know their neighbours and be aware of anyone in their street who may need help. Making contact with somebody nearby is your best source of support in the immediate future.  However, if you haven’t been contacted by a neighbour offering support please seek support from Eastleigh Community Aid.  We are aware that there are a group of lovely volunteers assisting Fair Oak Pharmacy for prescription deliveries. Please contact the pharmacy on 023 80 693322 for details.

Are there any changes to burial arrangements at Fair Oak Cemetery?

The government have now put in place, for a minimum of 3 weeks from 16 April 2020, measures to reduce the risk of coronavirus. Following advice received, Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council would advise that, whilst these measures remain in place, the number of attendees at a burial should be limited to those of the immediate family only - spouse or partner, parents/carers, brothers/sisters, and children (and partners). The number of immediate family members should be limited to 10.

​In order to protect yourselves, your family, and those who are assisting you in the burial of your loved one, please observe the 2 metre social distancing rules. Those family members who are most vulnerable to serious illness as a result of the coronavirus should consider carefully whether they should not attend the burial.

Anyone who is subject to the requirements to self-isolate, or who is showing any symptoms of the coronavirus, must not attend the burial.

​We understand that this will be very difficult for you and your family at this time, but these measures will help us all to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

​This statement will be updated as and when the government measures are changed.

1st April - Guidance from Public Health England in relation to funerals for a person who has died with suspected or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19)

Guidance has been received from Public Health England, and should be adhered to in relation to organising funerals for those who have died with suspected or confirmed coronavirus infection (COVID-19):

​The number of mourners who attend should be restricted so that a safe distance of at least 2 metres can be maintained between individuals (Council restrictions currently in place are a maximum of 10 attendees).

Those who attend should only be members of the deceased’s household, or close family members (see list above for those who are considered close family members). If the person who has died has neither household or family members in attendance, then it is possible for a small number of friends to attend (maximum 10).

​At no point should mourners mix closer than 2 metres apart from each other.

​Mourners should follow the advice on social distancing when travelling to and from the funeral gathering.

Mourners should avoid any direct face-to-face or physical contact, for example, hugging each other, unless they are part of the same household, that is, they have already been living in the same house as each other.

​Mourners should follow the general advice on hand hygiene and preventing the spread of infection: wash your hands more often than usual, for 20 seconds using soap and hot water, particularly after coughing, sneezing and blowing your nose, or after being in public areas where other people are doing so. Use hand sanitiser if that’s all you have access to and wash your hands with soap and hot water as soon as you can.

​To reduce the spread of germs when you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue, or your sleeve (not your hands) if you don’t have a tissue, and throw away the tissue immediately. Then you should wash your hands, or use a hand sanitising gel.

​Before and after a service, the area in which the service has taken place should be cleaned and disinfected, as well as frequently touched objects and surfaces, in order to reduce the risk of passing the infection on to other people.

​Mourners who are unwell with symptoms of coronavirus, or who are part of a household with possible coronavirus infection, should not attend any funeral gatherings.

In many situations the household members of the deceased person will be the next of kin and may be having to self-isolate in line with government guidance. Where the funeral is scheduled to take place before the period of household isolation has been completed (14 days from the first case of infection in that particular household), there should be no mixing between mourners who are self-isolating and those who are not.

Mourners who are experiencing symptoms of coronavirus should not attend under any circumstances.

I’m worried about maintaining good mental health for me and my family during this time, where can I find support?

There are a range of groups and charities who are able to offer remote services to help you through the coming weeks. Visit our Advice & Support for families page for a list of organisations who can help with a range of issues.

I am on a zero hours contract and have been laid off, what do I do?

You may be able to claim Universal Credit. To find out more and to check if you’re eligible visit or call 0800 328 5644.  The Government website has guidance for employees.

I can’t pay my rent/mortgage, what do I do?

You may be eligible for universal credit to help pay your rent if you are unable to work/lose your job due to the Coronavirus. Please visit the Government website for more information: or call 0800 328 5644.

If you’re a homeowner, you might be able to get help towards interest payments on:

  • your mortgage
  • loans you’ve taken out for certain repairs and improvements to your home

This help is called Support for Mortgage Interest (SMI). For more information visit

I run an independent business, what help/support is available if I have to close?

We’ve put together some useful links for business owners to help you through this uncertain time.


Will bin collections and other council services continue to run as normal?

Eastleigh Borough Council is running its waste collection service as normal, with the exception of food waste (brown bin). Hampshire County Council’s household recycling centres are closed. Please check on Eastleigh Borough Council website for the latest updates on waste collection.

The Government has also issued specific advice on how anyone with symptoms of the Coronavirus should dispose of their personal waste such as tissues and disposable cleaning cloths, you can find the advice here.

Is the Citizen’s Advice Bureau open?

Following Government guidelines, Eastleigh Citizens Advice offices are now closed for drop-in sessions.

The team are still available to help over the phone, their advice line number is 03444 111 306.  They are also offering an email advice via their website:

Will I still need to pay my Council Tax?

You will still need to pay your Council Tax, you may be able to spread your payment across 12 months if you don’t currently do this, please call Eastleigh Borough Council on 023 8068 8000 if you need support with your council tax payments. 

Will local public transport services continue to run as normal?

Some bus and train services have been and continue to be reduced.  You can also find regular updates on Hampshire Community transport here.

Domestic Violence

Sadly, there has been a rise in domestic abuse as more people are staying at home. If you or someone you know needs support, please visit  This page includes instructions on how you can hide it from your search history.  

Please can 999 if you are in danger. If you are a child and domestic abuse is happening at home please call Childline on 0800 999 5428

Public Safety Message for Coronavirus - Stay Alert, Control The Virus, Save Lives