Southern Water – Water for Life Hampshire: Update

Yesterday, December 6, Southern Water submitted the finalised plans for new sustainable water sources to protect Hampshire’s iconic chalk streams and maintain supplies for customers, especially during a drought.

Southern Water wrote to the RAPID group of regulators with our confirmed proposal for taking less water from the sensitive chalk streams of the River Test and River Itchen, while maintaining supplies to customers. The move follows a detailed assessment of a range of options under the industry-leading Water for Life – Hampshire programme.

Southern Water has worked closely with Portsmouth Water to develop a plan that maximises the benefit of the planned Havant Thicket Reservoir, which recently received planning permission. The reservoir is being funded by Southern Water and developed in collaboration with Portsmouth Water in an innovative cross-company agreement that will boost resilience and improve the sharing of water supplies across the county.

Under the finalised Water for Life – Hampshire programme, Southern Water propose to:

  • Build a new pipeline to transport more water from the Havant Thicket Reservoir to Southern Water’s Otterbourne Water Supply Works.
  • Use an innovative technology called water recycling to maintain levels in the reservoir so there is more water available.

Water recycling speeds up the natural water cycle to provide a sustainable source of clean, safe water that reduces the amount needed to be taken from the environment. Under the plans, some fully treated wastewater would be treated at a new facility before being pumped to Havant Thicket Reservoir where it would mix with spring water before being taken for further treatment to become drinking water.

Further engagement on the plans is now taking place and a public consultation is expected to be announced next Spring as part of the formal planning process. Southern Water expect to publish the submission documents on the Technical Documents section of the Water for Life – Hampshire web pages within the next week.

Updates will be posted as plans progress.

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