Lapstone Farm Tree Works – Advanced Notice

Following an annual tree survey and summer inspection in March and August 2022, the Parish Council received recommendations from its independent arboriculturalist that a large number of trees in the parish were suffering or had died from Ash Dieback.
The disease, present in 90 trees on Lapstone farm alone, had either killed the trees or caused them to become dangerous.
This means that the Council, for the safety of residents and to limit the spread of the disease to other trees, must, sadly, fell the trees on this site.
Essential tree works will therefore take place at Lapstone Farm on 1-3 February 2023. Notices will be placed on site and on our social media pages to inform residents when work is taking place.
In accordance with our Tree Policy, the Council will replant all the trees felled on a three to one ratio. Meaning for every tree felled, the Council will replant three trees.
In addition, the Council will as part of its environmental enhancement projects plant over 450 trees of mixed species, across the Parish.
In the autumn of 2023, the Council will organize the planting of over 270 whips on the Lapstone Farm site as part of a community project with the local schools. Further information on this activity will be shared on our social media pages.
Further information on Ash Die-back can be found via the Woodland Trust website at
Should you wish to receive further information on the planned tree works please contact the Parish Clerk at

Dated: 23 January 2023

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