Crowdhill Green play area gets ‘green light’

Residents living on the Crowdhill Green estate will be pleased to hear that Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council has now been given the ‘green light’ to start a long-awaited project to install a play area at a location in the middle of the estate.

After lengthy negotiations with the developer, both Eastleigh Borough Council and the Parish Council have now completed assessments of the play area land and wider public open space and have determined that the land can be transferred from the developer. This now means that Eastleigh Borough Council can progress the legal transfer process to devolve the land to the Parish Council for future management and maintenance.

Whilst this process takes place, the Parish Council will be issuing a survey for residents on the estate to provide their thoughts and views as to what type of play area and equipment they would like installed.

The survey can be accessed via the following link and local people will need to make their comments by 9.00 am Monday 20 June 2022.

A full consultation process including a public vote on the final design will take place once the survey results are analysed. Once agreed, the materials and equipment will be ordered, and it’s planned that the play area will be installed this Autumn.

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