Crowdhill Play Area Update

Eastleigh Borough Council, along with Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council are disappointed with Bloor Homes over the standard of landscaping and maintenance of the public open space land including the play area land on the Crowdhill development in Fair Oak and is taking action to ensure it is brought up to the required standard.

The planning permission for the development included a children’s play area which is to be installed by the Parish Council, on land provided for by the developer, Bloor Homes, three years ago. Bloor Homes are responsible for ensuring that the play area land and public open space land is landscaped and maintained in accordance with the approved landscape drawings and to an acceptable standard before being formally adopted by the council. Despite many site visits, meetings, conversations, and emails, the public open space land has still yet to be brought up to an acceptable standard to be signed off for maintenance by the developer for 12 months prior to the final inspection.

Over a year ago in effort to get things moving, Eastleigh Borough Council and Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council even agreed a price which was submitted to Bloor Homes, to allow the required works to be completed by the Borough Council and the Parish Council could then start the process to provide the children’s play area.

Bloor Homes have made an attempt to carry out some works, but they still have a long way to go before the council could consider putting the land on maintenance.

The Borough Council and Parish Council will not adopt the land in its current state which could have financial and – Health and Safety liabilities.

A Council spokesperson said, “The continued failure of Bloor Homes to perform its obligations at Crowdhill Green is blighting an otherwise attractive development. It has been a growing problem for some years now. Despite the best efforts of many Council officers the land is still not up to the required standard – to allow the Parish Council to install a play area, following consultation with the local community.

Complaints are growing and it’s now time to take immediate and effective action to bring this issue to a positive conclusion for the residents.”


The Council is continuing to speak to Bloor Homes to bring this matter to a positive conclusion.

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