Crowdhill Update

A number of residents have recently been in touch to enquire about the current state of play with the outstanding issues on the development. The Parish Council have been working closely with Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC) in jointly lobbying the developer to complete outstanding issues on the site, with the public open space and the play area top of priority list.  Frustratingly, the developer has yet to meet certain standards and criteria of their planning approval and EBC, as the planning enforcement authority, will look to take more serious steps with them to address this. EBC and the Parish Council will not accept transfer of land that falls short of the required standards for the health and safety of our residents. However, in sharing residents frustration, EBC has agreed to the early adoption of the play area land only, in order to progress the installation of a suitable play area. It does this at its own risk. The Parish survey results undertaken with residents in 2018 will be used to shape the project. Now that the lockdown restrictions have started to lift, it is hoped that the play area can be installed in the autumn. Other issues on site are being taken up with the developer by both authorities. And a website page with key FAQ’s is also being developed to assist residents with their ongoing concerns regarding the site. The Parish Council, and its partner, EBC, appreciate the concerns of residents, we share your frustration, and are doing all we can to reach a positive resolution

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